City of Darkness Chapter 89 – Will AV Come?

Chapter: City of Darkness Chapter 89/ Volume 2 Chapter 58

Release Date: Unexpected

City of Darkness chapters is going crazy. Lei Tian En is one of the most brutal villain & have now found Chen Luo Jun location. Being brutal he decides to kill his wife & son who are staying in Taiwan. We saw how he send his men to attack Chen Luo’s hose. But it also becomes clear that AV was staying there.

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Now, the interesting part here to talk about is AV. As AV was staying with Chen Leo for getting rid of drugs seems to be a part of his family. On the other hand, we saw Chen Luo fighting to Lei Tain’s group in the station.

It is quite sure that, Lei Tain’s group will be destroying his house in the hunt to murder his entire family. Talking about what’s going to happen in the next chapter, don’t you think that AV will appear.  Let’s find out how.

What’s Going to Happen in City Of Darkness Volume 2 Chapter 58:

Lan Nana is hiding in a Waldorf standing in pressured silence witnessing the death coming near her. But, there is hope that AV could wake up and finally come out to save her from the gang. If we see Nana’s death, then the whole chapter will get one side. Hence we believe that the writer will make AV appear in this chapter.

If that is going to happen we will be seeing AV getting into action thrashing the entire crew. This also brings a possibility that AV will go along with Chen Luo Jun.

Release Date:

The release date for City of Darkness Chapter 89 hasn’t been confirmed. But, the fans & the geeks have been waiting for that for while now. So, let’s hope that we’ll be able to see the chapter releasing really soon.

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