Inuyahiki Episode 5 review

In the last episode, it was all about Inuyahiki (our hero), it was dark but very interesting and now this latest episode of “Inuyahiki: The Last Hero” is dedicated to Hiro. And I’m here with my Inuyahiki Episode 5 review.

My Review

Hiro appears to be a psychopath, a cold-blooded murderer, but in this latest episode which was narrated from Hiro’s perspective. We get to know a little more about him, and it was different from what we seeing till now. There are scenes where Inuyahiki comes into the episode but the episode was mainly dedicated to Hiro.

Hiro doesn’t care about anyone’s life as he kills people for no reasons at all. Though in this episode we get to know that he cares about other peoples lives, but only of those which are directly related to him. If your life is not relevant to him then he won’t mind killing you at all. We see Hiro crying in this episode when he finds out that his mother has pancreatic cancer. That proves Hiro does have human emotions but it not for everyone. Not just this he also spent some good time with his Father and stepfamily also he fought for his friend in the 3rd episode.

He is a psychopath but it not like he doesn’t have human emotions. He cares about people but only when they are very close to him. Hiro is completely contrary to Inuyashiki as he considers everyone’s life important. In the last episode, we saw Inuyahiki killing an entire Yakuza family just to save innocent lives.

Hiro cured his mother of cancer and moved to more luxurious and comfortable surrounding for good of his mother. His emotions for his family are very clear in this episode he can do anything to protect them. We see Hiro saying to his mother “you don’t have to support me anymore. I will be the one supporting you”. He has good intentions but the path he is choosing to fulfill his intention is not right at all. He doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong which is basically a classification of a psychopath.

At the end of the episode, we see Hiro thinking about his actions he doesn’t want to kill anyone anymore and thinking about changing. RIght when we were expecting a change in Hiro a knock on the door and Public Security Agency was there, came to catch Hiro. Basically Hiro’s friend and Inuyasha able to track him to stop him.


But we know what is going to happen, action and killing started again. Also, know the entire Japan going to know about Hiro’s power because this time PSA is involved in it.

On the other side, we also see Inuyashiki training with Hiro’s friend to get better control over his power. I’m hoping for a Good VS Evil fight very soon and I’m super excited to see what will happen next.

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Inuyashiki Episode 4 Review

What the F**K, this series is getting intense with every upcoming episode. Particularly this episode is the darkest episode of the series till now or may I say it is the darkest episode of this Fall season of anime. I’m talking about Inuyashiki, fourth episode was just landed and right from the beginning, it was dark. I have watched it and here are my Inuyashiki Episode 4 review.

My Review

First of all, we only see Inuyashiki in this episode. The episode started with a naked girl lying (unconscious or may be dead) on the bed face down. After that camera moves to a tall tattooed guy who seems to be the one who raped this girl. Just watching this seems to be dark but then we saw a beautiful girl who is in love with her boyfriend and faithful to him. But then the same tattooed guy who happens to be a member of  Yakuza noticed her in a bakery shop as the girl works there. Her name was Fumino and we know what will happen next, she got kidnapped and then drugged.

The name of that Yakuza leader was Samejima and just like the beginning scene of the episode, a girl was lying on his bed naked. This time it was Fumino but luckily she wasn’t conscious and as soon as Samejima tried to make his move girl punched him, made him bleed from his nose and tried to run.

Fumino surely knows how to fight, she grabbed a Katana from his house and tried to keep Samejima away from him. She was able to make a small cut on Samejima’s hand and with doing that she was able to escape him. But they are Yakuza’s, Fumino did return to Satoru her boyfriend but Right after that Samejima with his team members came to their house to take Fumino with him.

Satoru her boyfriend was begging but Samejima grabbed his neck and tried to kill him. Luckily our hero can hear things easily and by hearing Fumino crying helplessly he also came to rescue her and her boyfriend. He was furious when he reached and to be honest Inuyahiki was giving the same expressions like me. He throws all the members of his team one by one just a sweep of his hand and then went to the leader and grabbed him by his waist trying to broke his spine I think.

Now with saying this, our hero has to learn how to fight because just doing fist fight is hard for him as he doesn’t know how to punch someone. Samejima shoot three or four bullets directly into Inuyashiki’s head he can’t be dead but he get’s unconscious. When he comes back to his senses Fumino and all the band was gone, Satoru was lying near him half dead. Inuyahiki tried to get him back to the life and when he was not coming back, he got so emotional and the emotions of humanity made him cry. I kind of feeling what he might be feeling but then he was able to save the guy. Later he called the Samejima and tell him, “You are a tall, dark skin guy, I’m coming for you” or something like that.

Later he ended up paralyzing and blinding every one of the Yakuza family (of course male) and finally save the Fumino and take her back to Satoru.

Now that’s what was in the episode, my true reviews are that this episode is just amazing, it was dark but yes it was very easy to understand and to feel. It was just a good writing and animation as well. Certainly, it was not just like every other anime but this and the Ancient Magu’s Bried are the best of this season.

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Inuyashiki Episode 3 review

Well, I can say this recent episode of Inuyashiki is one of the best episodes till now. Finally a lot of character development, not only for Inuyashiki but for Hiro as well. Okay so let me just start with my review and tell you what form these characters are taking. Here are my Inuyashiki Episode 3 review.

My Review

Let’s start with Hiro and what he has been through and how his life is changing with these new extra-terrestrial powers. He is less human than he was before and now when he got this power and become a cyborg he is actually acting like one. He doesn’t care what his actions cause and he certainly doesn’t have any sympathy for other individuals.

One thing that we see about Hiro and his power in this episodes are like he can cut anything just by touching them. Just like in the last episode he sliced open the girl, but what strange is that he can also reverse the effect. Means he can uncut the skin or the object he just cut. Noth just this he can fix/treat damaged organs of an Individuals as well. But his new powers don’t stop just there, as being a machine he can control and manipulate other machines as well. This is an answer to the last episode where we saw him playing with the real cars on the road.

His powers are cool but his motive is totally wrong, he can treat people fix them, help them to live more. But what he was doing is just killing them and stealing money from the bank. Hiro hates bullying and he wants to protect his friend from bully which is kind of a good thing but he took the wrong way as we saw him killing the bullies right on the spot just so that he can save his friend.

Not everyone is bad, at the end of the episode his friend says that he can’t be a murderer or someone who steals money. I must have to say that his friend got some balls as we know Hiro can kill him, he becomes some kind of psychopath after all. But he didn’t care much at the moment and just said: “Okay, just make sure to be in school every now and then”. Later we see him killing another family.

I’m kind of a geek in these things & when it comes to Inuyashiki I totally understand this guy. He becomes a cyborg and machine but still, he lingers with the human part of himself so that he can empathize with other individuals. He got the save power like Hiro but his motives are good, he wants to empathize with other humans and then help them. The only difference in power between Hiro and Inuyashiki is that Hiro can do that bang thing. In which he can kill or shoot someone with just pointing his finger towards an individual and saying bang. We haven’t seen Inuyashiki doing that so we really don’t know if he got the same power or not. Inuyahiki is learning, he is learning about his power. Now he knows how to fly, he gets into a new fight in order to save an individual who was attacked by a gang. He doesn’t know how to fight but luckily he was able to land some good punches. Though, He has to learn how to fight in future to face Hiro.

The episode was just amazing, all I want Inuyahiki to learn fly without singing the Astro boy song.

What to expect in the next episode?

Hiro’s friend who kind of left him might be going to team up with Inuyashiki. That might piss Hiro and them make him to kill his friend. I’m not sure but that is what I think we are going to see in the upcoming episode.

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Inuyahiki Episode 2 Review

Well, that’s not very usual that the first episode of the series made me emotional and then just in its second episode it escalated so fast that it would become even more interesting. I’m talking about Inuyashiki and it is a must watch anime of fall season. Just two episodes are aired till now but right from its first episode, it touched my soul and here are my Inuyahiki Episode 2 Review.

My Review

No doubt that fall season is the best season of anime this year. I mean there are animes with an amazing storyline, unique animation, hilarious and some good continuation as well. And if talk about the storyline Inuyashiki is the best one till now. Reality and Sci-fi combined just blow up everyone’s mind. Now the second episode was aired and we get to see the other teenage guy who was in the accident with the Ichiro (our main character/hero). Hiro is the name of the teenage boy and he is a coldblooded murderer. He is the other main character of the series and most probably he is going to be the villain of the series.

Because of the accident, they both turned into a cyborg, though Inuyashiki is more like a controlled person as he can still feel emotions and used his power for the good of others. While on the other hand, Hiro is a complete psychopath, he can’t feel any human emotions. In this episode, we get to know the story of Hiro he is a typical High School guy but later we get to know from him that there is a trend of killing in the area and he is the reason for that.

He is a maniac and we get to see that he select his targets randomly at night. There was a scene where he gets into someone’s home then killed the mother, then the father along with the child, not just this he also killed the daughter after toying with her. And to be honest that scene was messed up, hard to watch not kidding. This guy is completely messed-up.

After watching this episode there is a list of things that he can do with his new cyborg power and those are:

  • He can control machine and make them move the way he wants them to move, he can control car with his hand without touching it.
  • He can kill people just by pointing a finger gun (I don’t know the science in it).
  • He can scale open anyone just by sliding his finger on someone’s body.

Hiro was the main focus in this episode but we get to see Inuyashiki’s powers as well. He got his superhearing, he can hear radio frequencies as well. There must be more things that we get to know about Ichiro’s.

That was all with the episode, the execution was nice, introducing to the Hiro and revealing his power later seeing both hero and villain standing and staring at each other. The story and execution are just amazing and I love this series.

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Inuyashiki: Last Hero episode 1 review

Welcome back everyone to another review of fall season anime and today in this post I’m going to review Inuyashiki. So, without waisting, any more time here is Inuyashiki: Last Hero episode 1 review.

My Review

Keeping the episode aside, the opening of this series is amazing. It’s probably going to be my favorite opening of fall season anime and hopefully, you geeks will love it too. The competition is hard between Ancient bride of magus and Inuyashiki. For the facts, the opening is done by Man with the mission and the interesting part is that they are big fans of Inuyashiki manga and now they did the opening for the anime.


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Now let’s come to the plot, in Inuyashiki the protagonist is played by an old male named as Ichiro Inuyashiki. As for the storyline, he is 52 years old, got stomach cancer which made him age faster. He is 52 but he sure looks like an old grandpa and as an add-on, his family doesn’t pay him the respect that he deserves. The show is depressing but I bet something must be good about it. But to be honest I don’t like his kids, so disrespectful and rude, they surely piss me off. This all made him very depressed, stomach cancer is one thing but not getting respect form his kids, for whom he tries his best even though he got cancer.

He finds an abandoned dog which works as an antidepressant for him and provides him a little bit of happiness. They become inseparable but still, it is a sad show that will be going to show the real face of life (according to me). There was a scene when he was walking his dog and suddenly thoughts of if his family will care for him if he tells them that he is going to die makes me feel sad and to be honest I got little emotional. Watching him running into the forest with his dog, holding him and then cries there so that no one can see him or hear him.

Just after that point, a spaceship comes into the picture that changes Ichiro and makes him half robot (Cyborg). After that next day when he went for his regular check-up, the report showed that he don’t have any bode or skull inside his body. This is not it, he doesn’t even have blood flowing in his veins. Though still after becoming a robot he still feels emotions.

This show surely going to represent a lot of philosophical points of being a human and I would love to watch it. This episode touched me and I’m now waiting for the next episode.