Karakuri Circus Episode 4 – Release Date & Our Expectation

Episode: Karakuri Circus Episode 4

Release Date: 2 November

Status: Aired

The last Episode of Karakuri Circus shows a lot of new things happening & it also made it clear that the furture episode is going to be interesting to watch. In this Episode, we saw Shirogane & Karakuri’s new clothes & how desperately they want to save Masaru.

In this Article, we are going to talk about our expectation of Karakuri Circus EP 4. But before that let’s recall about the last chapter.


Episode 3 clearly shows that the one who kidnaps Masaru is none another than his Uncle Zenji Saiga. We saw him trying to manipulate Masaru by portraying Karakuri & Shirogane as a bad character.

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Later we get to know that the one who is behind Masaru’s money is his uncle. We saw how Masaru jumps from the window and fall on another Puppter. He then asl the one from past to be with him & protect him.

Our Expectation:

Seeing a drastic change in Masaru’s behavior, we will be seeing him being tough. After reading the book written by his father it has also become clear that Masaru is the switch for Kuroga clan to blow them. On the other hand, Shirogane is in a mission to kill all the puppets.

But, talking about Shirogane & Narumi, who have fallen in their trap will be in trouble. We will see them managing to come out safely with some more trouble to themselves.

The only thing that we are interesting is to know more about Kuroga clan, & how Masaru will react to his father’s book, which clearly says Masaru a Bait.

Release Date:

This episode will be released on their official timing on 2 November 2018 & if there is any change in the schedule, we will update you here.

Where To Watch Karakuri Circus Online?

Karakuri Circus is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. In case you have some other subscription like Netflix, Hulu, Xfinity Stream, VUDU, etc., you can check once but, we’re not sure if it is streaming on any of those platforms or not. Also, Karakuri Circus is one of the best animes that you can find on Hulu.